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Projected Capacitive Switches, Touch Films & Touch Screens
Projected Capacitive Switches, Touch Films & Touch Screens

We have produced membrane switch assemblies for over 35 years at Eastprint. Our deep level of experience, engineering expertise, and use of the latest industry innovations has made us experts in leading edge electronics technology. One of the most widely used electronic applications today is capacitive touch screen technology. Touch screens are ubiquitous in personal and professional devices; our team of experts provides design and assembly services to fabricate the highest quality touch films and system integration of touch screens available in the industry.

At our advanced facility, we maintain a wide range of state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to excel at every aspect of capacitive touch film/system integration design and production. We offer design and engineering assistance, including all necessary CAD/3D modeling. A complete array of touch film and assembly options are available. These include multi-point contact touch films, discrete contact point touch films, display integration, and optically laminated windows. We also offer in-mold decorating, plastic bezels, and single or double-sided film, as well as film-on-glass and film-on-film options.

The low-cost capacitive touch films available today are largely made possible by new cutting edge transparent conductive inks. At Eastprint, our comprehensive experience in printed electronics uniquely qualifies us to provide transparent ink printing services for the industry's most demanding applications. Our transparent conductive ink printing enables our customers to design their own touch film/touch screen solutions. Available design options include combining transparent conductive ink with mold decorated overlays for simple and low-cost three-dimensional user interfaces. Our capacitive touch film and touch screen services encompass a broad variety of different ink types. In addition to translucent conductive inks, we also offer silver conductive thick film polymer inks, and dielectric insulating inks.

We provide our customers with a diverse array of user-specific features. Some of these include various transmission and haze percentages, polyester or polycarbonate circuit films, and graphic overlays with hard coating and surface texturing, among others. Finally, quality is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure that everything we produce meets the most stringent industrial standards, backed up by our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

For further information about our capacitive touch films and touch screens system integration services, please see the following chart or contact us directly.

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Transparent printed electronic Capabilities

Product Specification


General Capabilities

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Capacitive Touch Films, Touch Screens
Touch Screen System Integration
Screen Printing Translucent Conductive Inks
Kodak™ HCF Film
Silver Nanowire Inks                                          

In Mold Decorating
Design Assistance
Engineering-CAD/3D Modeling
Prototyping, Rapid or Production Quality

Carbon Nano Tube Inks

Design and Assembly Options
Multi Point Contact Touch Films
Discrete Contact Point Touch Films
Display Integration
Optically Laminated Windows
In-Mold Decorating
Plastic Bezels
Single or Double Sided Film
Film on Glass
Film on Film
User-Specific Features
  • Variable ohms per Square
  • Various Transmission and Haze Percentages
  • Hard Coated Services
  • X Y Matrix
  • Surface-mounted Components on Touch Film Circuit
  • Polyester or Polycarbonate Circuit Films
  • Graphic Overlays with Hard Coating and/or Surface Texturing
Silver Conductive Inks
Translucent Conductive Inks
Thick Film Polymer Inks
Dielectric Inks
OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive)
Screen Printing and Assembly Methods
Automated and Semi Automated Sheet Fed
Roll to Roll Printing
Automated Pick and Place
Roll and Hand Lamination
*Low Cost Labor Assembly
Quality Assurance
ISO 9001
ISO 13485 (Medical)
Clean Room Environment
ITAR Compliant

Eastprint Quality Policy:
To continuously improve customer satisfaction through quality planning, process improvement and innovative products.
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