Custom Membrane Switch Assembly for a Medical Industry Application

At Eastprint, we designed, engineered, and manufactured the complex membrane switch assembly highlighted here for a medical application. This pistol grip style, multifunction switch assembly gives surgeons precise control over cut and coagulation. The Kapton-based circuitry and custom molded cable assembly combine seamlessly to form a high-reliability switch assembly for medical operating room conditions.

Our involvement in the project began when the medical device company approached us to help solve reliability issues associated with an earlier version of the switch sourced from another supplier. With one of our plants located in Mexico, we were in close proximity to the client, which facilitated the upfront design engineering process as well as the rigorous IQ/OQ/PQ processes for validation and verification. Our solution consisted of incorporating components to improve the in-field reliability as well as add value to the process by performing the assembly here in-house. Production involved many of our different process capabilities, from screen-printing and copper etching to die cutting, soldering, conformal coating, assembly, and more.

With overall dimensions of .660" in length x 1.222" in width, the unit features a 3.36" long flex tail and a custom molded cable harness measuring 126.00" in length. It incorporates tactile metal domes and an embossed, velvet-textured overlay. We built the switch assembly from a mix of custom manufactured and off-the-shelf components. Quality assurance involved testing cable continuity and isolation resistance as well as a 100% assessment of switch functionality. We also developed a custom packaging solution to protect the membrane and accommodate the exceptionally long wire harness.

The customer was very impressed with our high level of workmanship and the improved quality of the product. Annual sales have increased year over year, and we continue to produce this membrane switch assembly for them at the rate of up to 90,000 units annually.

If you would like more information about this project or our custom membrane switch assemblies, contact us today.

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Membrane Switch Assembly Project Highlights

Project Description
Single use Pistol Grip - Suction/Irrigation System with Cut and Coagulation
Switch Functions
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Screen Printing
Thermal Embossing
Copper Etching Kapton
Steel Rule Die-cutting
Component Assembly
Conformal Coat Potting Process
Tack Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
High Speed Cylinder Screen Printing Press
Horizontal Heated Platen Forming Press
Pneumatic Dispense and UV Curing System
Tack Welding Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
.660" x 1.222" with 3.36" flex tail and 126.00" long custom molded cable harness
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Various: Lexan, Kapton, Acrylic Adhesives, UV Cured Conformal Coatings, Metal Tactile Domes.
Material Finish
Embossed Velvet Textured Lexan Overlay
Industry for Use
Medical Device
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Cable Continuity and Isolation Resistance
100% Switch Functionality
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Gauge R&R
Conflict Minerals