Portable Patient Monitor & Defibrillator Control Panel Assembly

As an ISO 13485 certified company, our customers in the medical industry rely on Eastprint's technical proficiency to build complex interface assemblies for critical patient care devices. We engineered and built a control panel assembly for a portable patient monitor and defibrillator. Our comprehensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, combined with value added assembly and testing, allowed us to supply them with an end-to-end solution for this high-tech user interface.

Built to IP55 protection standards, the control panel measured 8.750" square. Highlights of the construction include a custom multiple-shot insert molded keypad, high-reliability Kapton circuitry, and integrated LED backlighting. Other features include tactile metal dome switches, LCD display, and an integrated speaker assembly. We designed and assembled custom wire harnesses to provide fail-safe interconnections between internal electronic components, and leveraged advanced robotics assembly for precise placement of the display and the lenses. Our additional activities included designing custom packaging solution for protecting the unit during shipment and storage.

We worked in close collaboration with the client's international design team over a lengthy development cycle to engineer this product. Several of the major components were put through an exhaustive process of IQ/OQ/PQ verification and validation to ensure production complied with strict medical device regulatory requirements. Process verification included gauge R&R studies and PPAP Level III submission. We engineered this device in full compliance with RoHS and REACH directives to satisfy the requirements of a global marketplace.

With our engineering, quality management, and manufacturing expertise, we have formed a long-term partnership with this client. We provide user interface solutions for their leading brand of patient care devices that are in use around the globe by hospitals, EMS technicians, and military aeromedical personnel.

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Portable Patient Monitor & Defibrillator Control Panel Assembly Project Highlights

Project Description
Portable Patient Monitor and Defibrillator Control Panel Assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Compression Molding
Injection Molding
CNC Drill and Routing
Screen Printing
Copper Etching Kapton
Steel Rule Die Cutting
Robot Dispensed Gluing and RTV Dispensing
Component Assembly
SMT IR Reflow Soldering
Hand Soldering
Hand Lamination
Plastic De-Gating
Metal Stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Compression Molding Press
Injection Molding Press
High Speed Cylinder Screen Printing Press
Robot UV Dispense and Cure Station
Clam Shell Die Cutter
Custom De-Gate in Horizontal Platen Press
Various Custom Assembly Fixtures
Overall Part Dimensions
8.750" x 8.750"
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .010"
Material Used
Various: Silicone, Polycarbonate, Polyimide Kapton Circuitry, Polyester Shielding, Conductive Silver Inks, Acrylic adhesives, Metal Tactile Domes, Front and Side Fire SMT Leds, LCD display, Speaker, Metal speaker Bracket and wire harness assembly
Material Finish
Various Velvet Textures
Anti-Glare Finishes
Matte Keypad Finishes
Industry for Use
EMS, Hospital & Military Aeromedical
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Full custom testing of LEDs, Switches, Displays, Speakers
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Gauge R&R
PPAP Level 3
Conflict Mineral
ISO 13485