Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies

As wearable electronic devices continue to be more and more prevalent, it becomes an ever-greater challenge for companies that manufacture them to keep their competitive edge. It is vitally important for manufacturers that each device is effective, cost-efficient and reflects the highest quality available. At Eastprint, our long history of offering leading edge solutions in the Printed Electronics technology makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture the finest quality, state-of-the-art wearable electronic circuits, and patch assemblies. Our circuits and assemblies are used for the most challenging applications and in the most demanding industries on the market. To meet the needs of this growing segment, we offer the broadest range of wearable circuit technology available. This includes screen printed circuits, electrodes, and sensors, all available with fast and cost-effective assembly operations.

One of the fastest-growing applications for wearable technology is in the medical field. This includes patient-worn patches, all of which require a high degree of engineering expertise. We work with professional medical device product designers to develop their product, including consultation, testing, and prototyping. We also employ the most advanced adhesives, functional printing methods, ink selections, fabrication and assembly methods, hydro-gels, and packaging options to optimize these products' performance and speed to market.

Some of the premium quality design and assembly options we offer include embossing, thin film polyester substrates, thru hole printing, and medical grade foams and adhesives. Using the best functional ink is essential in manufacturing wearable electronic circuits, and we employ the finest in the industry. These include silver/silver chloride, radiolucent conductive, zinc, carbon, and dielectric inks. We also offer a broad array of user-specific features, including sealed pouches, surface-mounted components on flexible circuits, screen printed graphics, silicone molding and custom shapes and sizes to suit whatever our customer's applications may be.

With our domestic and international facilities, we offer low-cost labor assembly with absolutely no compromise in quality. Our products are screen printed and assembled to meet the highest industrial standards and to the strictest specifications. This includes ISO 13485 certification and Good manufacturing practices (GMP), which specifically addresses the quality requirements of circuits and assemblies for body-worn medical devices.

For further information about our design assistance and contract manufacturing services for wearable electronic circuits and patch assemblies, please take a look at the following table or contact us directly.

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Wearable technologies Capabilities

General Capabilities
Wearable Electronic Circuits and Assemblies Functional Conductive Ink Printing
Fine Line Printing
Design Assistance
Engineering-CAD/3D Modeling
Prototyping, Rapid or Production Quality
Design and Assembly Options
Thru Hole Printing
Thin Film Polyester Substrates
Medical Grade Foams & adhesives
Silver Chloride Ink
User-Specific Features
  • Surface-mounted Components on Flexible Circuits (LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors and Discrete Memory Chips)
  • Sealed Pouches
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Complete Patch Assembly
  • Screen Printed Graphics
Silver Conductive Inks
Radiolucent Conductive Inks
Carbon Inks
Zinc Inks
Dielectric Inks
Screen Printing and Assembly Methods
Automated and Semi Automated Sheet Fed
Roll to Roll Printing
Automated Pick and Place
Roll and Hand Lamination
Die Cutting
Gel Dispensing
Final Packaging
*Low Cost Labor Assembly
Quality Assurance
ISO 9001
ISO 13485 (Medical)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
FDA Registration
Manufacturing Verification and Validation

Eastprint Quality Policy:
To continuously improve customer satisfaction through quality planning, process improvement and innovative products.
Industry Focus
Printed Electronics
  • Patient Monitoring